What is WellesleyPAC

The Wellesley Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization of parents, and caregivers of children with disabilities from pre-school to age 22 attending Wellesley public schools and private school settings. The purpose of the PAC is to support families whose children receive special education services. We work with the Wellesley Public School Administrators and town committees to help kids on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) have a positive learning experience. Wellesley PAC provides general information through meetings, lectures and online resources. We support each other by offering our ideas and guidance.

Who belongs to the WellesleyPAC

Parents and caregivers just like you. Membership and meetings are open to all parents or caregivers of students with special needs in Wellesley, as well as all other interested parties. Even though your child is like no other, there are hundreds of people in Wellesley who are going through the Wellesley special education process in much the same way that you might be going through it. We are always learning from each other. Student success is directly linked to parental engagement in schools. Please join us!

WellesleyPAC Leadership 2017-18

Co-Chair: Alison McCarthy
Co-Chair: Christine Mizzi
Website: Julie Vari-Nikolewski

School Representatives 2017-2018

Rose Dolan
Tara Hirschey
FISKE: Ceida Chan
HUNNEWELL:  Tara Hirschey
SCHOFIELD: Amanda Crowley
SPRAGUE: Alison McCarthy
UPHAM: Rose Nolan
WMS: Christine Mizzi
Christine Mizzi
Out of District Reps.: Jeanne Hoerter
School Committee Rep: Anthony Bent

Please feel free to contact our Board Officers or you may find your school representatives contact information in your school directory.

Email: pacwellesley@gmail.com

*We are looking for parents who would be interested in joining us.

Most of these positions require a very small time commitment.